Monday, May 23, 2011

So due to the overwhelming number of birthday cards I have to draw this week and issues God has chosen to send my way, I am taking this week to show you all something. What I’m going to post this week is some evolutionary steps on the way to the look and feel of the comic. 3rdPerson Life came from my doing personal comics for my family and friends. The look of the characters was gradually changed through what I was doing for my wife’s cards mostly, but several other cards formed the basic idea. So this first one is Father’s day last year. I didn’t have photoshop yet, so it’s colored pencil. You can see the beginnings of 3rd Person Life showing up here. Also cowboy hats are hard to draw. Thanks to Stan Lynde, creator of Rick O’ Shay, for showing me how to simplify the cowboy hat.

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